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Six Stocking Suffers For The Beer Lover

Posted by Jeff Smith on

Nice Bottle Opener - We love Yopeners

The unique design opens the bottle while leaving the cap in perfect condition with no bends or creases of any kind. If you love craft beer and collect the caps like I do, this will prove most useful for you.

These openers were all handmade by the owner and his son who is affected by Autism and is legally blind. He loves to “help” me woodwork so I help him press in the carriage bolts to the openers. His vision and dexterity make it too scary for me to let him use the table saw or other cutting tools.


New Beer Glass - Stemless works best for us!

Functional and not too fancy.  The shape of this glass preserves the aroma and flavors of the beer when emptied from the bottle into the glass. Also being stemless its easier to wash and less chance of breaking.  A few popular styles are the Teku, IPA, Snifter and fish bowl (just kidding - please don’t). We picked this one up at one of our local breweries and its been the house favorite!  


Brewery Passport Book. Enjoy your city one pint at a time!

Enjoy your city one pint at a time!  How it works - Receive a stamp when visiting a local brewery.  With your passport book you receive discounts, a free beer and special passport holder meet ups!  Tampa Bay Ale Trail is our locally owned passport book.


Beer Gift Box

What to gift the beer lover? Uh…beer?! Tavour makes it easy with gift cards to their Craft Beer delivery service or pre-made Gift Boxes. Find details here:

New Craft Beer T-shirt - We can Help!

One thing every beer lover enjoys is a go-to beer shirt.  Our shirts are soft, comfortable and well crafted like the beer we enjoy.  All shirts are original designs and hand screen painted by us!   It started with our first shirt “Craft Beer: Its not alcoholism, its a hobby” and years later we have over 50 designs to choose from.  The most popular is our “Drink Beer From Here” state shirt available in all 50 states.


Beer Journal

 To be honest - we don’t journal our beers…..However,  I’m totally into using a pen and paper journal versus an app on the phone. You can’t go wrong with a classic Moleskine notebook- they even have a Beer Journal one.