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6 American Breweries To Add To Your Bucket List

Posted by Jeff Smith on

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Sometimes the best way to enjoy a craft-beer is to experience the brewery that brought it into existence. Not only do you get to travel to a new location, but you also get to tour the brewery, learn about their story, enjoy their culture, and see everything that goes into making those signature beers that they magically produce. Not to mention, you will never experience a beer as fresh as one that is poured directly from the keg it was brewed in. If you're thinking about making a little brewery tour in the future, then here is our list of 6 American breweries that should be added to your bucket list. 

1. Tree House Brewing: Charlton, MA

tree house brewing

Thanks to some unbelievable IPAs, Tree House Brewing transformed from a little barn out of Charlton, Massachusetts into a state-of-the-art brewery to enjoy a cold and quality beer on a warm and cozy day. While you're there catching a buzz and soaking up memories, get a little taste of their history before they expanded by looking at the koi pond and tree house that has been at the location since day one.

2. Maui Brewing Company: Kihei, HI

maui brewing

Ok, so before we even attempt to sell you on visiting Maui Brewing Company, please remember that is is in Hawaii. Are you sold yet?

Besides that, their Coconut Porter, Bikini Blonde Lager, and Pineapple Mana Wheat are as flavorful as they come. We suggest that you bite the bullet, pack all your floral apparel, book the flight to Hawaii, and get ready to sip on some top-notch beers. At least consider adding Maui Brewing Co. to your brewery bucket list.

3. Hill Farmstead Brewery: Greensboro, VT

hill farmstead

This brewery in Greensboro, Vermont has been claimed to be America's best brewery by various media sources. If you have the opportunity to visit, there is a possibility that you will be preaching the same thing. Known for their IPAs and fruitful saisons, this place truly is a hidden gem that is full of so much character.

If you're a craft-beer lover who is looking to plan a winter vacation this year, then stop seeking after locations and happily settle on Greensboro. You will be at peace while gazing upon the scenic views and sipping on a mouth-watering beer at Hill Farmstead Brewery.

4. Blackberry Farms Brewery: Maryville, TN

blackberry farms

Blackberry Farms Brewery is rooted in its history. The founder was born on a Tennesee farm and the styles of beer that they brew accentuate just that. From farm ales, table beers, and Belgian-inspired beers, they've got these brewing styles mastered.

The new taproom that they open this year is something any craft-beer enthusiast would enjoy. Make a trip and taste the various batches they have on tap and crack open all the bottles they offer in their archives. 


5. Sierra Nevada: Fletcher, NC

sierra nevada

Visiting Sierra Nevada Brewery in Fletcher, North Carolina is comparable to a child visiting Disney World for the first time. This brewery is absolutely massive and offers multiple tours of the facility. You might walk underneath fermenters, get hands-on experience with hops, see the bottle-line in action, or walk the trails on the grounds of the brewery. If you're in a beer drinking mood (which is practically impossible not to be when you're there), then be sure to go on a guided beer tasting!

The tours fill up fast, so if you are not able to get a scheduled tour, then head to the tap room, grab a beer, and take the self-guided tour as soon as you arrive.

6. Jester King Brewery: Austin, TX

jester king

Jester King Brewery definitely does a great job for Austin by keeping the city weird. This rustic brewery has a ton of space for you to enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, and a funky, yet fun beer. Only a 45-minute drive from downtown Austin, planning a summer vacation here is well worth it. Sit underneath the huge pavilion and watch some good ole' Texas bands play live country music while sipping on some of the best farmhouse ales in the world! If you feel like you haven't had enough flavor yet, then walk over and get a wood-fired pizza from their brick oven pizzeria. 

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