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5 Beer Blogs You Should Be Following

Posted by Jeff Smith on

There's no denying it, the craft beer market has grown substantially over the past few years. There are cities that have built such a strong buzz in the craft beer culture that people fly in from all over the world to taste some local brews from the area. People are now brewing beer at home more than ever and, some companies have even built apparel brands all for craft beer lovers. (Not to point any fingers)

We get it, with the industry growing at the speed of light, it's becoming tougher to stay up to date on all the jazz in the beer world. 

Whether you're in search of different beer events around the country, looking to learn how to whip up a tasty homebrew, or trying to see what beers are getting a solid rep for you to try next, these 5 craft beer blogs are what you've been missing.

brew review crew

1. Brew Review Crew

If you haven't heard the podcast On Tap yet, give it a shot. You'll love Cory and Ron's passion for beer! On their blog, you can learn about recent news in the craft beer industry and see their beer reviews.

brew studs blog

2. We Are Brew Studs

Looking for a new beer to try? Or maybe you're wanting to see interesting stats on some of the fastest growing breweries in the U.S.? We Are Brew Studs like to consider themselves experts in all things craft beer. 


3. Accidentalis Brewing

Homebrewing is growing out of control, and it's awesome. Nowadays, people are brewing up some amazing beers straight from their garage. For example, Matt Chrispen, the writer for Accidentalis Brewing. This blog is a great spot for you if you're looking to begin homebrewing.

beer god

4. Beer God Blog

If you're a big fan of the microbrewery scene, this is for you. Brian, the owner of Beer God Blog, is extremely passionate about good tasting beer. His reviews are solid, educational, and worth checking out!

hoppy trails

5. Hoppy Trails Beer News

All things beer here! Hoppy Trails Beer news covers so many different topics around the craft beer culture. Whether you're looking for beers to hunt down, breweries to tour, or pet-friendly pubs, Hoppy Trail is on the scene.

FUN FACT: Did you know Hopcloth makes apparel for the Craft Beer Lovers?